Crunchy Party Snack Caramel KIX


Butter a square pan, the 9x9x13/4 inch pan works best.

Measure these ingredients into a large bowl…

*  5 cups of KIX

In the bottom part of a double boiler, heat about 1 inch of water
to boiling.  Now place in top of double boiler;

*  26 caramels  (8 oz)
*  2 Tablespoons of water

Set over the boiling water until the caramels are melted.  Pour
the caramel mixture over the KIX and stir gently to coat the
cereal.  Using a rubber scraper, turn caramel mixture into a prepared
pan and pat out with fingers lightly greased with butter.
Refrigerate until firm.  Cut into bars.  Makes about 24 absolutely
delicious bars!  These easy and fun caramel KIX bars will be great
to serve as treats with a Sesame Street party!

Speaking of crunch, to you remember the great taste of Toffee?