Cardboard Box Sculpture Birthday Party Game

Gathering or prepare materials to build the sculpture: mixing paint, cutting paper, finding yarn and so on.

Divide the children into small groups. Then, one group at a time, gather the children around a box. Lead a discussion about the possibilities of what the box might become. Accept all answers: a wedding cake, a castle, a skyscraper, a haunted house — whatever the children come up with. Use chart paper and a marker to make a list of all the items suggested; make a simple representational drawing beside each one.

Then ask the children to decide what the box will become and to let you know how they plan to make it. Encourage the children to work together to decide what the box sculpture will be and to devise a plan to make it. Remind them that the more they work as a team, the better the outcome of the sculpture will be.

If you’re doing this activity at a birthday party, you may want to make it a contest as the party game. Give children an allotted time frame to build their sculpture. When their time is up, have an objective adult (a friend or neighbor) be the judge. The judge may pick a winner and then award the other sculptures with honors such as, “most colorful” “most creative,” or “most humorous.”  View more birthday party games and activities, including Toy Story 3 pinatas.

Mummy Wrap Birthday Party Game


This is a great game to play at any time of the year and with any theme at all, since it is cheap and fun!
The goal of this game is to see which team can wrap their “mummy” in toilet paper first!

First, divide birthday party guests into equal teams, it doesn’t matter if it is 3 teams of 2 or 3, or 4 teams of 2 or 3…just teams of 2 to 3 are the best.  Give them each 2 rolls of toilet paper for the game.  Each team can decide on who will be the “mummy” and then, on your mark, all the teams race to see who
can wrap their mummy in toilet paper the fastest,  using all the toilet paper you gave them.This game is really fun…just make sure you tell the “mummys” to close their eyes during the game.  That way, the flakes of toilet paper won’t get in their eyes and my suggestion is to use the 1 ply sheet type, not the realy soft and flaky type because of kids eyes.  Great birthday party fun!