Great craft for a Cinderella party.

4 cups of flour

1 cup of salt

1-1/2 cups of hot water

Cookie cutters

Decorations – glitter, paint, beads, etc.


1. This recipe is enough to make quite a lot of cookie cutter shapes, depending on the size of them. You will also need paint in any colors and any decorations, pom poms, glitter, beads, colored pasta beads etc.

2. Use cookie cutters to cut a variety of shapes, like dinos, snowmen, stars, they sell every shape imaginable now, including all animal shapes. Once the child uses their cookie cutters to make their door hanger/ornament. Then use a toothpick to make a hole for hanging, being sure to make the hole a little larger than you will want as they tend to close when baking and you want to be able to put a ribbon through it to loop and tie so they can hang their new dough door hanger/ornament.

3. Using a microwave-safe plate (not paper or cardboard), microwave a plate of their cookie cutter dough shapes for 1 minute each time, rebaking 1 minute each time as you check on them after each minute so see their hardness.

Keep a close eye on the microwave as the ornaments bake. Let dough shapes cool completely before decorating. They can paint them, decorate with glue and decorations that you put out for them, along with music, food and drinks of course, then cut a length of satin ribbon and put through the hole you put at the top of the cookie cutter dough shape, loop and tie off…they have a very cool party favor to take home, and hang in their house.

Hanging Balloons

Hanging Balloons     Ages 1.5 to 3

Here’s a game for the younger birthday crowd that they can actually play together!

You will need balloons, Rope or string, One set of  pot holders for each child, making sure they are kind that your hand can slide into.

Hang balloons at different lengths along a rope or string. Some balloons should be easy to reach and others should hang just high enough so that children have to jump to reach them. Let children bat at the balloons wit their “Bear Paws” or “bear” hands.

Star Wars Party

     I was in high school when the original Star Wars premiered.  I was…blown away.  Who the heck wasn’t?!  1977 was the year and for that time, the special effects that Star Wars offered was amazing to everyone.  Even in 2012, Star Wars remains one of our Top 10 sellers and has always been since we opened in 2000.
Getting the  Star Wars party supplies  for your Star Wars party theme, will make is much much fun to plan and so much fun to execute as there are lots of party supplies and party favors to choose from.  You can always mix both of the Star Wars party supplies patterns that we offer for an even cooler look.
Starting with the Star Wars tableware, (and don’t forget the second Star Wars themed tableware ), as this is fantastic since the plates and napkins offer different designs in each theme, adding color, excitement and Star Wars fun to your party table.  Don’t forget to sprinkle a lot of confetti, like our gold star confetti or the Star Wars confetti all over the party table for added party fun.
The Star Wars accessories section that we have is fantastic, as any Star Wars related accessories are right here.  From blow-outs to souvenir cups
to face masks, when you need to start to add to the tableware, this is the section to come to.  Use the souvenir cup  as balloon weights, if you fill with small marbles, as this will look fantastic on the party table.  Put a Star Wars Mask at each place setting, but first, put some treats under it as a surprise, like M&M’s, goldfish, skittles or any kind of fun treat, so when each child lifts up the mask to put it on, the pile of fun will be waiting for them.
New on the market on these great great 3-D glasses,  which will come in so handy as the Star Wars plates are in 3-D.  Characters seem to jump off the plates and the kids will be able to keep these 3-D glasses, take them home and use them in the future.
Let the Force be with You as you use all of the Star Wars Decorations
that we offer to get the Star Wars feeling hyped up.  The tabletop centerpiece is quite very cool as it has punch out, 3-D characters to stand on the table as well as the tabletop mat for below the characters. Use plastic Star Wars characters, available in many toy stores, to put those on the table as well and to use as take home party favors.  Use the Star Wars Mural to decorate a boring wall or door.
Use the Star Wars Characters confetti all over the party table and even the floor leading up to the table.  This confetti can be placed in the party pinata so that when the candy is released, a free fall of confetti comes out at the same time.
Use the Star Wars Danglers  to hang from the ceiling, from lights, from door arches to give the decorating a great 3-D look.  With so many Star Wars balloons to choose from, use the souvenir cups as balloon weights, hang them from lights, dangle them down from doorway arches, have them float above the table and give them out as party favors.
Speaking of Star Wars party favors, use our pre-filled goody bags, or treat bags and boxes, yo-yos, stickers, bounce balls, and even the 48 piece party favor pack for more fun and convenience.
So many party supplies and party favors to choose from, all in the goal of making your Star Wars party the best it can be.  Have fun!  Happy planning!


Dinosaur Party!

Dinosaurs might be extinct and all, but the thrill of having a dinosaur party
will never die off.  Kids seem to love dinosaurs, so planning a birthday party
with that theme, using the Dinosaur party supplies will enable you to create an exciting party that your birthday child and his or her guests will love.

One of the coolest items at KidsPartyWorld.com for the Dinosaur theme is the Dinosaur party accessories like favor masks so wouldn’t it be great if you greeted each birthday guest (or better yet, the birthday child does this) at the door, handing each one of these Dinosaur Foam Masks to put on upon entering.  Getting the kids in the Dinosaur mood right from the beginning.  Perfect.

The room you choose to have the party table would look great with Dinosaur party decorations such as the large Dinosaur mural on the wall, which the kids could see as soon as they stepped into the room.  The party table, along with the themed tablecover, plates, cups, blowouts would be fantastic if you take a bunch of the plastic toy dinosaurs  and place them all over the table.  In the center of the party table, think about placing an already filled Dinosaur pinata because you won’t even need the pinata until the end of the party anyway, so what a great centerpiece this will make.  They are actually just the right size for a larger centerpiece.  Or hand it above the table if you think you need more room on the table.  We have a lot of different Dinosaur party supplies available so you will have a lot to choose from as far as decorating goes.  Use the stretchy, plastic dinosaurs you put on the table as a party favor for each child’s bag at the end of the party, so make sure you buy enough to give each child one.

A good activity to play at the Dinosaur party is to go on the internet, look up Google Images for Dinosaurs and print out the picture of several Dinosaurs, printing the name on the back of each picture.  Have play doh on hand, enough
for kids to be able to make a dinosaur out of their pile.  Now, sit them on the floor, at another table, anywhere you can clean up play doh afterwards, put on some party music and have snacks on the table for them during this activity.  Hold up a card to all of the kids and have them try and tell you the name of the dinosaur.  After several guesses, tell them what it is, and either use an egg timer or your watch, but they get 5 minutes to make a similar dinosaur out of their play doh.  Say “go!” and let them make a replica of the dinosaur on the card you just held up.    Let the kids vote to see who had the closest looking play doh
dinosaur and on you go to the next one.  Repeat this as many times as you have the cards.  A nice thing to do is have the party favor Diggin’ for Dinosaurs 3-D puzzle so that you can give each child that as a prize after the activity, since they all deserve to win.  They can take that home with them too in their party favor bag.

A good party food to make for this theme is the Dinosaur Pizza.  Just roll out the pizza dough and using Dinosaur shaped cookie cutters, cut out the dough into the Dino shapes, then put on the sauce, cheese and toppings if you like.
Put out the already chopped toppings they can put on their own pizza. The toppings can be pepperoni for spots, black olives for eyes and for lining the dinosaurs tails, etc. Bake them at 350 degrees for about10 minutes and you have delicious birthday food that they kids made themselves. They will love it!

Have fun planning your Dinosaur Party!