Birthday Party Gifts


Getting a gift for either a birthday child or an adult
is such a wonderful thing, as it should scream, “I
thought about you!”  Keep that in mind when you pick
out the gift and you will never go wrong.  No matter how
elaborate the party, no matter the party supplies theme,
it won’t matter how much money the gift is, as many times
the least expensive gifts can say the most if they fit the person
you are giving it to.

For example, you have to get a gift for a woman in a book club
with you.  Does she love tea?
If you drop by any kitchen store, or specialty store, they
have really great single serving, “take it with you” travel
mugs that will brew the tea in the mug, as all you do
is add the tea leaves, the hot water and go.  Get one of
those, add a few small bags of specialty teas in ounce packs
like pumpkin spice, Lemon berry, Pomegranate and other
great flavors that are fresh and probably not some that are
found on a grocery store shelf.  Put that in a gift bag and
believe me, if she is a tea lover, it is such a perfectly thoughtful