Casino Party Time

Casino Party

Spring and summer are upon us and what better way to celebrate with all of your friends, than by having a fantastically fun and adult casino party!  At, we have an extensive supply of adult themes like casino, baby shower, rock and roll, over the hill and many more.  We currently have 4 casino themes that we have put on sale for 50% off, just so you can get the
party started.  Our new Casino theme,  is a great new look for casino.  Set the stage for your casino party by either decorating the large party table or several smaller tables, so that your guests are placed together in smaller groups in order to gamble and play cards in a more intimate situation, yet everyone is around everyone else.
Starting with the casino invites, just by sending these out to your friends and family, the excitement will build.  Put some black and red confetti into each envelope or better yet, buy a deck of cards  that we offer, cut them up into smaller pieces and use that as confetti!
We offer so many different casino decorations in each theme style, that is might be hard to pick which ones you want.  Just go with the thought that more is better.  For instance, don’t forget about hanging cool decorations  from the ceiling,  over the party table, in door arches, from lights.  Work your way down from the ceilings now, to the tables and
then even to the floor.  Tablecovers, plates, napkins, centerpieces, confetti n the table and of course the roulette game  smack dab in the middle.  We offer three different felt games for the party table, like roulette, blackjack and craps.  Add decks of cards, chips for playing and you can not go wrong.  Check out our great scene setters too, for your walls and doors, giving the whole
room a Vegas look and feel.
Our new Party Magazine has great recipes for party food and desserts, so check out our favorite appetizers, food and desserts to make for all of your party guests.  Send all of your guests home with some fuzzy dice and they
won’t forget this night at your casino party!

The Avengers!

I don’t even think the studio imagined how powerful the Avengers could be at the box office, but it shattered records previously held by the other more modern day, fantasty superhero, Harry Potter.

We were the first online party store to carry Avengers, even before it was a movie and it looks like we will carrying the Avengers party supplies for a while to come, given the how much everyone seems to love them!

Check out our extensive supply of Avengers items and start planning a great party for your child.  Let them sit with you, go over all that we offer.  The Avenger masks that are in, are truly a must have on the party table.  Put treats under each mask, so when the child lifts it up to put it on, there is a pile a skittles, or M&M’s or goldfish for added excitement.

Don’t forget to end the party with the large Avenger Pinata!  Load it up with our candy and small favors, then let the kids end it with a bang.  Don’t forget, ALL of our party supplies, in every theme are now 30% off, the most on the internet, and we still have our free shipping offer, as we do not make you choose between the discount or free shipping!

Have fun!

Hanging Balloons

Hanging Balloons     Ages 1.5 to 3

Here’s a game for the younger birthday crowd that they can actually play together!

You will need balloons, Rope or string, One set of  pot holders for each child, making sure they are kind that your hand can slide into.

Hang balloons at different lengths along a rope or string. Some balloons should be easy to reach and others should hang just high enough so that children have to jump to reach them. Let children bat at the balloons wit their “Bear Paws” or “bear” hands.

Dinosaur Party!

Dinosaurs might be extinct and all, but the thrill of having a dinosaur party
will never die off.  Kids seem to love dinosaurs, so planning a birthday party
with that theme, using the Dinosaur party supplies will enable you to create an exciting party that your birthday child and his or her guests will love.

One of the coolest items at for the Dinosaur theme is the Dinosaur party accessories like favor masks so wouldn’t it be great if you greeted each birthday guest (or better yet, the birthday child does this) at the door, handing each one of these Dinosaur Foam Masks to put on upon entering.  Getting the kids in the Dinosaur mood right from the beginning.  Perfect.

The room you choose to have the party table would look great with Dinosaur party decorations such as the large Dinosaur mural on the wall, which the kids could see as soon as they stepped into the room.  The party table, along with the themed tablecover, plates, cups, blowouts would be fantastic if you take a bunch of the plastic toy dinosaurs  and place them all over the table.  In the center of the party table, think about placing an already filled Dinosaur pinata because you won’t even need the pinata until the end of the party anyway, so what a great centerpiece this will make.  They are actually just the right size for a larger centerpiece.  Or hand it above the table if you think you need more room on the table.  We have a lot of different Dinosaur party supplies available so you will have a lot to choose from as far as decorating goes.  Use the stretchy, plastic dinosaurs you put on the table as a party favor for each child’s bag at the end of the party, so make sure you buy enough to give each child one.

A good activity to play at the Dinosaur party is to go on the internet, look up Google Images for Dinosaurs and print out the picture of several Dinosaurs, printing the name on the back of each picture.  Have play doh on hand, enough
for kids to be able to make a dinosaur out of their pile.  Now, sit them on the floor, at another table, anywhere you can clean up play doh afterwards, put on some party music and have snacks on the table for them during this activity.  Hold up a card to all of the kids and have them try and tell you the name of the dinosaur.  After several guesses, tell them what it is, and either use an egg timer or your watch, but they get 5 minutes to make a similar dinosaur out of their play doh.  Say “go!” and let them make a replica of the dinosaur on the card you just held up.    Let the kids vote to see who had the closest looking play doh
dinosaur and on you go to the next one.  Repeat this as many times as you have the cards.  A nice thing to do is have the party favor Diggin’ for Dinosaurs 3-D puzzle so that you can give each child that as a prize after the activity, since they all deserve to win.  They can take that home with them too in their party favor bag.

A good party food to make for this theme is the Dinosaur Pizza.  Just roll out the pizza dough and using Dinosaur shaped cookie cutters, cut out the dough into the Dino shapes, then put on the sauce, cheese and toppings if you like.
Put out the already chopped toppings they can put on their own pizza. The toppings can be pepperoni for spots, black olives for eyes and for lining the dinosaurs tails, etc. Bake them at 350 degrees for about10 minutes and you have delicious birthday food that they kids made themselves. They will love it!

Have fun planning your Dinosaur Party!

Birthday Party Gifts


Getting a gift for either a birthday child or an adult
is such a wonderful thing, as it should scream, “I
thought about you!”  Keep that in mind when you pick
out the gift and you will never go wrong.  No matter how
elaborate the party, no matter the party supplies theme,
it won’t matter how much money the gift is, as many times
the least expensive gifts can say the most if they fit the person
you are giving it to.

For example, you have to get a gift for a woman in a book club
with you.  Does she love tea?
If you drop by any kitchen store, or specialty store, they
have really great single serving, “take it with you” travel
mugs that will brew the tea in the mug, as all you do
is add the tea leaves, the hot water and go.  Get one of
those, add a few small bags of specialty teas in ounce packs
like pumpkin spice, Lemon berry, Pomegranate and other
great flavors that are fresh and probably not some that are
found on a grocery store shelf.  Put that in a gift bag and
believe me, if she is a tea lover, it is such a perfectly thoughtful

Party Favor Bags & Birthday Treat Sacks

Party Favor Bag
Party Favor Bags…
Most definitely, besides the cake (or cupcakes or
cake pops), the party favor bags that you will
give out for each party guest is the most
important aspect of the party.  The party supplies are
very important, of course, but everyone looks
forward to getting that party favor bag and opening
it up when the party is over.  Whether or not you decide
to put the goodies in a themed box, a cello themed bag,
or even a plastic themed cup, what you put in it is very
important.  Sticking to the child’s age before you select
the favors is of utmost importance, as there are small parts
in a lot of the favors on the market that can easily come off
for children under the age of 3.  Hiding the party favor
bags is a good idea, as taking them out once all of the kids
are leaving is a bigger surprise, then having them out
and about where they can see them and perhaps go through
them before the party is over.  Of course, candy items are
always wanted! will be bringing in a lot more party
, fun little toys and cool candy items in its’ party
supplies arena very soon.  Look for this section to be
completely overhauled, as you will be able to design
your party favor bags here and have them shipped to you!
all ready to put into the bags or boxes you choose.