Party Cake Pops Craze!

cake pop party treats
The newest craze for parties, in addition to cupcakes,
is now Cake Pops and we have to agree that they
are utterly fantastic!  They are so easy to make, decorate
and eat which explains why they are kicking whoopie pies
and birthday cake to the curb.

There are a few really good Cake Pops makers on the market
today.  Actually, they look like doughnut hole makers, and they
vary as far as the technique.  There are pans for your
oven with cake pop holes to fill and bake, or there are electric cake
pop makers that look like a waffle maker and can make 12 to
18 cake pops at the same time.  Either way you choose to make
them, they cook in about 10 minutes, which will make it a great
cooking activity for kids too.  There are books on the market now
on how to decorate them in all different designs and believe us, it
is so easy to get any look or theme you are after.

There are cake pop stands with holes so that you can put a stick
in each hole and easily stand up your cake pops in a circle!  Looks so
festive for your party.  Use cake pops at birthday parties, baby showers,
anniversary parties, even Hollywood themed parties.  The only problem
will be how many can each person have?  How many is too many?  The
greatest thing about the cake pop is that they are about 3 to 4 small bites,
which is actually perfect to alleviate the sweet craving, but they can be
made in so many flavors, fillings, with different toppings, we can’t see that
one will be enough for each person.  Try two each.  Wonderful!

We adore cake pops and once you try them or serve them, we know you
will too!