New Swirl Party Decorations In So Many Themes!

These new Swirl Pack Decorations are just in for countless of party themes now, as they are new on the market and a huge hit in the decorating arena for all sorts of birthday party supplies, adult parties or any type of decorating need.  They come 12 to a pack, including 6 large swirls that dangle down with the large cut outs of the theme at the bottom and 6 multicolored swirls that dangle down a few inches above the larger ones, with different size swirls to add to the cut-out ones.  This gives you a lot of decorating options, as you can swirl these all together in one big group, like the picture, or you can choose to break these apart, even two at a time, and swirl them above tables, swirl from lights, in the entry way door….anywhere you need a swirl!