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By Florence Keenan

Greeting Kids Party customers! It is so great to hear from new people everyday who want to share their birthday party tips & ideas with everyone. This seems to make the birthday party planning much more stimulating and fun, right? Gathering tips from others who have already planned, created and pulled off a great birthday party for their own child or someone elses child, lets us all feel like a community created for the specific and joyous reason of giving our children the very special day that they all deserve.

Each month, I'll be pointing out the steps necessary to have a successful themed birthday party, such as "magic", "Hollywood", "princess", and many more. I'll also be able to communicate directly with many of you through our Facebook and Twitter page, as well as email. I hope that my past experiences, as well as other people's expertise, will help you organize and present a fantastic birthday party for your cherished child. I hope they will have memories of a wonderful birthday that make them feel as special as they truly are. Visit me on my Party Life Blog.

All the best to you and your family,

Florence Keenan

Florence Keenan explains why, matter how you use these fantastic candles, they will look amazing whether gathered together on a large birthday cake or separated and spread out among the cupcakes on a cupcake stand....color birthday candles.
Florence Keenan goes into greater detail on some of's most popular items. As she reveals the best way to use our birthday party supplies, Florence reveals many tips she's used in the past, plus new birthday party advise...birthday party articles.
Florence Keenan offers exciting recipes and suggestions to go with popular themes that are sure to make you salivate and your guests mighty satisfied. Don't miss out on these fun tips from peanut butter quesadillas to orange snickerdoodles and more great birthday party food ideas!
A detailed overview of the difference between pull-string and standard pinatas, given by KPW party specialist, Florence Keenan. Also included are preparation tips, pinata accessories, party favors and treat bag suggestions. View pinata video.
View the latest You Tube product demonstration featuring party specialist, Florence Keenan as she demonstrates a great alternative to the birthday party cake. Also view our Minnie Mouse party supplies commercial, and more!
Learn all the tricks in throwing a Hollywood movie party starting with the red carpet enterance and videotaping the show...uh, I mean party.
Rock and roll never forgets, and what better way to create a memorable birthday party than to host a rock n roll music party! You're little rocker and the buds love to kick out the jams..
Basketball, soccer, football or field hocky, lacross or volleyball, it doensn't matter because it's all good. Give the kids lots of sport activities and games and see if they tire out.
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