By Florence Keenan

Hollywood Kids Birthday Party Theme
Learn all the tricks in throwing a Hollywood movie party starting with the red carpet enterance and videotaping the show...uh, I mean party.

Selecting your Theme

Is your little one craving the limelight (or your teen)? If so, Hollywood is the theme for them! And if you follow our tips and tricks of the trade, you might just get a star on Hollywood Blvd

Why choose Hollywood Party Supplies? Well, the answer is quite simple, it gives your tot, child, or teen treatment like Hollywood's A-List receives! Complete with a one-of-kind movie premier, red carpet photogs and Tinsel Town Glamour, this parties going to be the hottest in your state!

Invitations and Decorations

'll have all of the accessories that you'll ever need! But first, let's talk invites. Now, the most 1st most important part of the party has got to be cool right? Well, in reality, invites give the guests a sample of what they're in for; and in this case, it's a rockin' good time, so the invitation have got to be rockin, too, right? No problem there! Your wishes are granted with theâdrum roll , pleaseâ"Lights, Camera, Action! Invitation. This is proven to be the best ticket in town.

Lights, Camera, and Action! On the decorations, the 2nd most important part of the party, but we've got it all covered. Here's a short little shopping list so you can make sure you have all of the DŠcor that your need to make this party awesome!

Party Activites and Party Favors

No doubt one of the most important activities at this party will be that movie that the birthday-ey and the guests will make. Included in the movie package is the hair & make-up stations were kids attending the party will take part in doing the other guests & b-day girl's make-up and hair. We suggest that you set up 2 stations for each idea, two for makeup and two for hair, complete with all the supplies needed. Also, dress-up clothes/costumes will be needed as well. So, in conclusion, makeup, hair supplies and clothes need to be at this party so that your child and there friends can dress up and get ready for their Hollywood close up! After primping is finished, have a video camera set up, give it to the kids (if young, you can film) and let them rip loose! The movie can be scripted or improvised which usually does come out more funny. Now, its not over yet! Thanks to us, you have the most perfect red carpet that you can maybe set up outside your door coming in, so that the kids can start from outside, fully primped, and come in, having their pics shot by someone (you, spouse, siblings) to the feel what its like to get the real Hollywood treatment! Don't forget to lay down stars next to the "red carpet" with the kids names and them, and you can ever add some glitter to make this night truly shine! Now, you are officially ready to watch the movie that the birthday girl & Co. has madeâRed Carpet style that is!

More Exciting Activites

Usually, the movie-making process will take up all the time at the party, but here are a few other ideas to Keep everyone on their toes!

1.) Who wins the Oscar?
A twist on the classic game of Charades! First, have a stage set up. It can be anywhere you like (as long as it looks the part). Also, find an inexpensive award piece or prize to give out to the winning contestant. Figure out a panel of judges. If you do not have more then at least 6 people at the party, your and other family members can be the judges. Grab an several index cards and write out names of goofy or serious characters from a couple of famous movies. Every round, a judge picks a card and reads the name of the character on it. The contestants have to go on stage on at a time and act out their best impersonation of that character, and at the end of each round, the winner gets an "Oscar"!

2.) Musical Stars
Another twist on the classic of Musical Chairs. Use the same stars that are next to the red carpet, because every Guest should have one. Follow the same rules as Musical Chairs. But what makes this cooler is that its on Stars!

More Party Favors

Ever seen what every Oscar attendant receives just for coming? A. Lot. If you haven't seen what they get, it's a HUGE gift-set stuffed to the gills with designer clothes, the latest ipods, European getaways, expensive (and designer) fragrances, jewelry, and even baby items! So, we're doing the same thingâbut downsizing.

No need to worry. Job Lot, Walmart, and Kohl's are you friend, and offer you many things for very cheap prices. Purchase several items for each child and stop buy A.C Moore to pick up big gift

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