The Largest Selection of Kids Birthday Party Supplies


Monkey Love Favor Bucket This new Monkey Love party favor bucket released by Amscan, is so unique, in that it provides more room for the larger party favors or perhaps even a wrapped taffy apple in straw grass, surrounded by little favor toys, for example. Made of very sturdy plastic, this party bucket will last a long time, and can even be used for Halloween trick or treating! The entire bucket is decorated with themed characters, with loads of color, the strong handle will hold candy and a few party favor toys, as the bucket is 6.5 inches x 4.5 inches, making this perfect to wrap in cellophane and tie with a bow at the top. Or better yet, tie a balloon to the top of the bucket and let it fly. Line up the party favor buckets either on a large table, or along a wall right before the kids come out to collect their bucket before they head home, balloon flying above each party bucket. A great sight for sure and a wonderfully exciting way to end the party.


Monkey Love Treat Sack Treat sacks have been around a long time and are something that gives the mom or dad the ability to design the party favor bag themselves. Each cellophane or plastic Monkey Love treat bag comes empty, with the theme printed on it, and with ties for the top. Then it is up to the adult to get the items to fill each one. Very small favors and candy go in this style of treat bag, as they measure approximately 7 to 9 inches in height and about 5 to 6 inches in width. Homemade cookies, candy apple, cake pops all can be wrapped in a treat bag also and given out. For Halloween, many people buy treat bags, make popcorn balls and wrap one in each treat bag to give out. These have a lot of versatility, as you can also take a treat bag and a themed souvenir cup, fill the cup with small marbles, wrap the souvenir cup in the treat bag, tie it off and use it as a themed balloon weight for your party. Treat bags are the common item to give out right before a pinata at a party too, so these come in handy, either as party favor bags, food wraps for party favors, pinata bags or even balloon weight wraps. Very economical too, (before you fill them that is).


Monkey Love Treat Box Monkey Love Treat Boxes are along the lines of the treat sacks, which is to say this it comes empty. This Monkey Love metal treat or lunch box is unique in that instead of being made of sturdy cardboard, this one is metal and has a lot more uses. Use this for lunch at school, at the playground, or give them out as party favor boxes, filled with treats for a party favor each guest will not forget. Use this for crayons and paper, small toys to play with in the car. They are the same in that the adult buys them empty and then decides what to fill it with, giving them a range of options. Most current party themes offer treat boxes now, in addition to the treat sacks, so just decide on what you wan to present to the party guest, grab it, fill it and give it. Attach a balloon to the lid or the handle with a ribbon, and this will look really festive by the door as the party guests are leaving.


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